Reconditioning Process

10 Point Quality Reconditioning Process

Each Piece of equipment that we recondition goes through our 10 Point Process to insure the quality of the equipment that you purchase.

10 Point Process
  1. After the customer picks out their equipment, we pull it from the warehouse, and bring it to our reconditioning facility.

  2. Next, our technician will fill out a job sheet and assign a job number to your piece.

  3. He will then prep the unit for the cleaning procedure, and execute it.

  4. Next the unit is disassembled in order to evaluate the condition of both the mechanical and electrical systems.

  5. The technician prepares a parts list in order to replace or repair parts as necessary.

  6. The unit then goes to the paint room to begin the painting/polishing procedure and is then Painted or Polished.

  7. Next he cleans the remaining parts, and Reconditions the electrical and mechanical parts as needed.

  8. The unit is then reassembled and tested by the technician.

  9. Your equipment is then given a Final Test by the quality control person.

  10. It then goes through a final cleaning and Intricate Detailing to produce a high quality piece of reconditioned equipment for you.